Our new E.P.
29 APRIL 2017
GEHEIM van babylon
Burgemeester van Kempensingel 31, Woerden 

21:00 - 01:00
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Seconds to The Hour is a rock band from Utrecht, the Netherlands consisting of 5 deeply committed members. 
STTH's musical style is best described as grunge rock with a slight metal edge. The band's original material comes straight from the heart and strikes right to the gut. All of STTH's members have a 20-year track record in the band's established genre while also contributing their individual touch to Seconds to The Hour's trademark rock experience: heavy metal's base-drum staccato, grunge's raw rhytmic guitar riffs complementing a mean bluesrock lead guitar over funky basslines. The band's signature vocals are taken from Seattle to a place only the singer envisioned they could go. 
From their extensive experience, STTH's members have gained the confidence to, more than anything else, enjoy performing onstage, having a great time playing their music and entertaining their audience with relentless energy. When the audience starts giving some of that energy back to the band, it's time to take it up another notch! 
When performing, Seconds to the Hour likes to play a mixed set made up of both rock classics and compositions of their own. This allows the band to proudly showcase their original work while never failing to pay tribute to the magic of rock's greatest classics.  
Seconds to the Hour's members are Michael (guitar), Joost (guitar), Angèle (bass), Bas (drums) and Erik (vocals).